About Learning Assistance Project (LAP)

3CSN’s Learning Assistance Project (LAP) brings together tutoring and learning assistance educators from the California Community Colleges to raise the professional profile of tutoring through exploring effective practices in tutoring, creating community, and leveraging resources. LAP is coordinated by Crystal Kiekel (crystal@3csn.org) from Los Angeles Pierce College, Danny Pittaway (danny@3csn.org) from Coastline Community College, and Mark Manasse (mark@3csn.org) from San Diego Mesa College.

Shared Vision of the Possible

If tutors see themselves as educators and professionals, they will improve themselves AND deliver betters service to students.

LAP Principles:

  1. Training should be rigorous, practical and sustainable
  2. Instructors and tutors have different yet equitable roles
  3. Tutoring is about student empowerment
  4. Tutoring contributes to student success

Community of Practice

  • Develop Leadership
  • Professional Learning
  • Connect and Network
  • Inquiry