Learning Assistance Project

The Learning Assistance Project (LAP), a 3CSN-based community of practice, promotes ongoing professional learning for tutors and all educators connected to learning assistance within the California Community Colleges. Founded in 2015, the origin of the community can be traced to 3CSN’s Basic Skills Initiative Leadership Institute (BSILI), where founding LAP coordinators Crystal Kiekel, Mark Manasse, and Danny Pittaway met and discussed the formation of a community dedicated to the professionalization of tutoring and the infusion of high-quality professional learning for tutors, faculty, and staff connected to tutoring or learning assistance programs and services on their campus.

In addition to regional LAP networking events in the Southern California area, LAP also produces an annual conference called Tutor Expo, a conference by and for tutors and educators connected to tutoring and learning assistance.

Some recent accomplishments include Tutor Expo ’16, which was held in March in San Diego and Gilroy, CA, with a combined attendance of 350+. LAP coordinators have also presented the results of a statewide survey on tutoring and learning assistance at the 2016 NADE conference in Anaheim, and at the 2016 ACTLA conference in Las Vegas.


For more information about LAP, please contact any of the coordinators listed below.


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Mark Manasse



Crystal Kiekel


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